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Prepare for ‘The World’s End’

It’s a good day for comedy, because we now have a trailer for The World’s End, the new film from director Edgar Wright. Yes, Wright and Simon Pegg are finally getting the band back together to make the final installment of the series that began with Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, known as [...]

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It’s All in Your…Ass — Milo

Milo, which had its world premiere last night at Austin’s SXSW festival, is a hard film to describe. Is it a movie about a husband and wife’s efforts to conceive a child? Or a movie about a man plumbing the depths of his psyche to deal with his past? Aw, screw it. Let’s face it, [...]

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The Comedy of Magic — ‘The Incredible Burt Wonderstone’ Trailer

In magical spirit of the season, I bring you a trailer about magic — more specifically, magicians — even more specifically, magicians whose career is fading fast and have to prove their relevance by competing with an ass played by Jim Carrey.

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Here’s the ‘Bad Kids Go to Hell’ Trailer

I kicked the comic book habit a while ago, so I was not acquainted with a graphic novel by Matthew Spradlin and Anthony Vargas called Bad Kids Go to Hell. But now that it’s been made into a movie, which opens today, I’ve heard of it. In fact, I’ve even located the trailer and embedded [...]

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