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Ladies, Get Those Dollars Ready for the ‘Magic Mike’ Trailer

Here it is, the trailer for Magic Mike, Steven Soderbergh’s sure-to-be-arty dramedy about a sensitive guy who…aw, screw it… it’s the Channing Tatum stripper movie! But let us not reduce it to that simplistic, one-dimensional description. It’s also the Matthew McConaughey stripper movie and the Matt Bomer stripper movie and the Joe Manganiello stripper movie [...]

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‘The Crow’ Prepares to Fly

Just when it appeared The Crow would never again take flight, the wind has shifted and the remake of the 1994 cult favorite is now preparing to fly. After several personnel shakeups and various legal difficulties, The Crow is nearly ready to take wing. With F. Javier Gutierrez signing to direct a script by Jesse [...]

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