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The Anti-Rom-Com — Silver Linings Playbook

A romantic comedy seems like an odd choice for director David O. Russell, a man who loves his rage and dysfunction. But Silver Linings Playbook is not your standard rom-com. Though it traffics in screwball set pieces and loopily works its way to the inevitable happy ending, there’s not a single character here that’s not [...]

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Back to Camp for Another ‘Wet Hot American Summer’

Of all the crazy cult comedies out there, Wet Hot American Summer may just be the cultiest. Like any good cult flick, the film — a satire of summer camp movies such as Meatballs — bombed at the box office when it was released in 2001. But over the years, also like any good cult [...]

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‘The Crow’ Prepares to Fly

Just when it appeared The Crow would never again take flight, the wind has shifted and the remake of the 1994 cult favorite is now preparing to fly. After several personnel shakeups and various legal difficulties, The Crow is nearly ready to take wing. With F. Javier Gutierrez signing to direct a script by Jesse [...]

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‘Paradise Lost’ Postponed — A Christmas Miracle?

The forthcoming Alex Proyas adaptation of Milton’s Paradise Lost, in which Bradley Cooper is to play — nay, embody — the dark lord Lucifer, has been postponed due to its spiraling budget. I suppose even the infernal powers of Bradley Cooper are not enough to convince producers that an action movie based on a theological [...]

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