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Special Screening Alert: You Need to See ‘There’s Nothing Out There’

If you live in Los Angeles and haven’t made weekend plans yet, we just got word of a cool upcoming event you should absolutely check out. On Saturday, May 26, director Rolfe Kanefsky‘s first flick, There’s Nothing Out There, is being screened at the New Beverly Cinema. I know what you’re thinking: “What’s so special [...]

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Not What it Seems — ‘Death and Cremation’

Labels are funny things. Just because something — say, a movie — can be categorized one way doesn’t necessarily mean that’s exactly what it is. As an example, I offer Death and Cremation, a 2010 film from director Justin Steele. Judged on a simple synopsis, Death and Cremation is a thriller. Brad Dourif plays Stanley, [...]

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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #3

In the latest chapter of my continuing interview with Rolfe Kanefsky, the writer/director of such indie horror favorites as Nightmare Man, we discuss his detour into the teen comedy genre and the history and production of The Hazing—as well as all the behind-the-scenes maneuvering it takes to get anything made in Hollywood. And, oh, did [...]

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The Hazing

If you’re anything like me, and god help you if you are, you spend way too much time wondering why those idiots in Hollywood are constantly spending millions of dollars on horrendous luxe remakes of wonderful low-budget horror films from decades past. I know they think the name recognition will deliver a ready-made audience. But [...]

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