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Happy Birthday to Us—Meet the family

Can you believe it? After 12 months and 184 posts, the grand experiment that is Slammed & Damned carries on. We still don’t know exactly what kind of site Slammed & Damned wants to be, but I’m beginning to think that will never change. We’ve accepted the fact that our child will never go to [...]

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Verrry Scarrry—The passion of Count Floyd

Recently over at The Vault of Horror, dungeon master supreme B-Sol posted a Top 10 list of noted TV horror hosts. It was a fairly comprehensive collection, but I noticed one glaring omission: the incomparable Count Floyd from SCTV. True, this oversight might have something to do with the fact that Count Floyd wasn’t “real,” [...]

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The 2009 Cyber-Horror Awards Are Live!

In case you’re not hip, the results of the 2009 Cyber-Horror Awards are in and you can find the winners HERE. What? You don’t know what the Cyber-Horror Awards are? Well, allow me to enlighten you. The Cyber-Horror Awards are the one and only horror film awards voted on exclusively by the online horror blogging/writing [...]

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And Then That Happened

I am so very proud to proclaim that Slammed & Damned has been bestowed an honor by one of the most respected horror blogs on the inwebternet. The Vault of Horror, run by the awe-inspiring and ever-so-cool B-Sol, awarded us (and 14 other deserving blogs) the “One Lovely Blog Award.” He even went so far [...]

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