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Here She Comes Again — ‘Bounty Hunters’

Of all the many and varied action movie subgenres, my favorite is probably the no-nonsense, low-budget, direct-to-DVD action flick. These movies are comforting, akin to cinematic junk food. They don’t have to be good; they just have to deliver the goods. All that’s really necessary are some gnarly fights and/or gunplay, a little skin and [...]

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Compare and Contrast—Back to the metaphorical well with Piranha 3D

In the grand tradition of Wednesday’s “Battle of the Nights of the Demons” and countless other instances of days when I don’t have anything of substance to present (insert here a joke about my posts’ persistent lack of substance), I give you today’s substance-less post. Today sees the release of Piranha 3D, another in the [...]

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Things I Learned at the Movies—The Flesh Eaters

Like any self-respecting monster kid, I spent my formative years planted in front of the television set, watching whatever horror and sci-fi swill Hollywood had to offer a young mind. Time wasted? Perhaps. But I prefer to think of those many hours spent viewing B movies as a kind of alternative education. I learned many [...]

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Update or Teaser?

All right, let’s see. I went in to this website the same way I go through life: with good intentions and little forethought. I’ve been at this a little less than a month now, and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. So bear with me. One thing is sure—I couldn’t have done this without [...]

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