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Pray This Is Good

Hopefully, AMC will shepherd another edgy comic book property to success. ~Theron Neel

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‘The Walking Dead’ Season 3 Teaser — More of the Same

The new teaser trailer for The Walking Dead has shambled from among the gathered masses at this year’s Comic-Con, and it looks like things are picking up right where they left off: Rick’s leadership is still in question, the women are still being treated like second-class citizens and, oh yeah, zombies. Season 3 finds our [...]

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‘L.A. Noir’ Secrets Revealed

It looks like the pieces are falling into place around the puzzle that is L.A. Noir, the upcoming television series from Frank Darabont. But once the smoke and spoilers have cleared, will you be able to live with the result? Will any of us? Last month, Darabont made known his intentions to free himself of [...]

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‘Suspicion,’ or Remaking Alfred Hitchcock

The hot new trend in Hollywood seems to be remakes of Alfred Hitchcock films. There are several headed our way and, hey, I get it. They are amazing movies! But rather than churn out inferior versions of Hitch’s masterpieces, wouldn’t it be better to just mount a series of new deluxe DVD reissues of the [...]

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