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Alien Trespass

We start ‘50s Parody Week with a recent offering called Alien Trespass, starring Eric McCormack and Jenni Baird. It was directed by R.W. Goodwin, best known for his work as a producer/director on The X Files. The film also features Robert Patrick, Jody Thompson, Dan Lauria and Sarah Smyth. When the flying saucer belonging to [...]

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Event Time—‘50s Parody Week

Making a parody of a ‘50s monster/sci-fi movie is a tricky proposition. It’s been done so often that it’s pretty much a genre in itself—making any such film a genre movie about a genre. Yow! Why would anyone take that on? There can be only one reason: true love. Yes, these ‘50s monster/sci-fi movies have [...]

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