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Crap, Camp or Both? The Trailer for ‘The Girl’

As you might know, there are two upcoming movies that take a peek behind the scenes of famous Alfred Hitchcock flicks. One is called Hitchcock and one is called The Girl. And having seen the trailer for The Girl, I can safely that of the two, it’s probably the film most likely to make you [...]

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Presenting Seyfried as ‘Lovelace’

Much as there are competing Alfred Hitchcock flicks, there are also competing Linda Lovelace flicks. Both Lovelace and Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story are racing down the stretch toward the finish line, but it appears Lovelace has pulled ahead…no pun intended. Rob Epstein and Jerry Friedman’s Lovelace is now officially categorized by IMDb as being [...]

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‘Suspicion,’ or Remaking Alfred Hitchcock

The hot new trend in Hollywood seems to be remakes of Alfred Hitchcock films. There are several headed our way and, hey, I get it. They are amazing movies! But rather than churn out inferior versions of Hitch’s masterpieces, wouldn’t it be better to just mount a series of new deluxe DVD reissues of the [...]

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At Home With Trash Film Orgy—Darin Wood, Christy Savage and Amy Slockbower

Hollywood is well known as the seat of the movie industry, but travel a few hundred miles north and you’ll find another community of California filmmakers—one that is doing delightfully aberrant things. The Sacramento-based cult film collective known as Trash Film Orgy has grown quite a bit in the past decade. With roots in cable [...]

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