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The Big Bad

Movies like The Big Bad frustrate me. It’s clear there’s talent involved, but in service of what? The filmmakers obviously had some cool ideas, but they’ve been stitched together in such a way that we’re not provided an emotional context, and by the time we are provided one, it’s too late. Think about it like [...]

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Jeremiah Kipp—Opportunities and new discoveries

A mainstay of New York’s independent horror film community, Jeremiah Kipp has definitely paid his dues. Working with directors such as Larry Fessenden and Alan Rowe Kelly, Kipp has done almost every job there is to do on a movie set. But lately, he has been focused on directing his own films, his own way. [...]

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Take a Walk on the Dark Side—Contact

Jeremiah Kipp has toiled long and hard on the New York scene, assisting noted artists such as Alan Rowe Kelly and Larry Fessenden with their films. While he usually acts as assistant or second unit director, he occasionally writes and directs his own flicks. His latest short film, Contact, proves Kipp has learned his lessons [...]

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Texas Blood Bath Festival 2009

What’s the last Texas blood bath you remember? Did it perchance involve a guy named Leatherface? Well, then it’s definitely been too long. You need to hightail it over to Bellmead, TX, next weekend (November 13─15) for three days of thrills and chills at the Texas Blood Bath Film Festival, where you’ll see some of [...]

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