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Marathon, Man

When the Sci-Fi Channel changed its name to SCI FI, I didn’t even realize. But when it rebranded and became Syfy, I was one of those that hated it, complaining long and loud. Here it is almost a year later, and I’ve mellowed. I actually like the new name now. Whatever the channel calls itself, [...]

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For the inaugural post in Slammed & Damned’s new semi-occasional, random, intermittent, sporadic, recurrent “Why Do I Own This?” series, in which I view a movie I own but have never watched, I’ve chosen a low-budget, 2006 flick called Abominable. I don’t even remember buying this movie, but apparently I did. Let’s see if we [...]

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Why Do I Own This?

I’m proud to announce a new semi-occasional, random, intermittent, sporadic, recurrent feature called “Why Do I Own This?” Here’s how it works: I go through my collection of horror DVDs and pull out something I own for some reason that I’ve since forgotten. Then I watch it and try to figure out why in the [...]

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