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Brooke Lemke—Discovering new limits

It’s understatement to say Brooke Lemke is a busy lady. She just finished starring as the demented Paige in director Rachel Grubb’s Why Am I in a Box? as well as directing two wonderful short films of her own, Young Eyes and A Broken Family. Last month, I interviewed Rachel, who is also Brooke’s partner [...]

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Rachel Grubb—Can’t wait to work

I last spoke with actress/writer/director Rachel Grubb about a year ago. At that point, she’d just formed a female-centric production company, Silent-But-Deadly Productions, with her friend Brooke Lemke. She had also started work on a project titled Why Am I in a Box? In honor of Women in Horror Recognition Month, I recently checked in [...]

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More News From Rachel Grubb!

Let me tell you, that Rachel Grubb is a busy lady. First, we received the update about her upcoming horror flick Haunting Kira. And today, I opened my mail to an announcement of the upcoming theatrical premiere of the first three films from Silent-But-Deadly Productions, the production company led by Brooke Lemke and Ms. Grubb. If [...]

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