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The Munsters Are Rising From the Grave

Breaking news from the “Bad Ideas” desk. This just in: Producer Bryan Fuller is planning to resurrect the classic ’60s television series The Munsters and has signed a deal with NBC to deliver a pilot episode, with the logline “Modern Family meets True Blood.” Oy! While I love what Fuller did with Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies and [...]

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Zombie Wednesday—The Walking Dead

You might not remember this, but not long ago, zombies were the monster of choice. Slow zombies, fast zombies, funny zombies, Nazi zombies, alien zombies—you name it, there was a zombie for it. Of course, these days it’s all about vampires. But this October, zombies are making a comeback…as zombies tend to do. On Halloween [...]

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Too Big for Their Bellbottoms—Village of the Giants

Ever since teens became an economic force back in the 1950s, the fine folks in advertising and marketing have been devising ways to separate kids from their hard-earned money. And if there’s a market to be exploited, you can bet Hollywood is going to sniff it out. Of course, that’s just what happened. In the [...]

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Pictures of Giants—Because why the hell not!

Yes, we have come to another of those “I’m between real pieces” pieces. I’m planning to review a groovy, rarely seen flick from the ’60s called Village of the Giants, which features teenage giants run amok (which is an overwrought metaphor for all kinds of things concerning teens and ’60s society), but that is still [...]

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