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An Update From Rachel Grubb!

Rachel GrubbI just checked my mailbox and found an exciting update to share with everyone. The lovely polymath Rachel Grubb dropped me a line concerning a very cool project she’s involved in.

The film is Haunting Kira, which features Kathleen Kinmont (Bride of Re-Animator), Monique Dupree (Skeleton Key 2) and Donna Hamblin (Killer Biker Chicks) and was written and will be directed by special effects artist Teresa Fahs of Gorify.com fame. Also on board is Ari Lehman, who is best known as the first actor to play Jason Voorhees in the Friday the 13th franchise, and of course Rachel Grubb (Strip Club Slasher).

As if the film isn’t awesome enough already, the producers have added an exciting new cast member: award-winning pioneer and princess of punk porn Joanna Angel! Specializing in parody, alt and horror, Angel’s film credits include Porny Monster, Repenetrator, The XXXorcist, Joanna’s Angels and Punk Rock Pussycat Dolls.

Haunting Kira, which prides itself as a “Women in Horror” production, tells the story of a ghost that has reanimated a rotting corpse and roams the streets of Las Vegas.

“Could we do a Sin City zombie film without at least one porn star?” producer Chad Clinton Freeman asks jokingly. “Seriously though, Joanna Angel is a perfect fit for our film. Haunting Kira is an exploration into diversity, individuality and identity, and she’s an entrepreneur that got where she is by doing things her own way.”

Joanna Angel“As those who know my art work can attest, I’m committed to realism,” Fahs said. “So when it came to casting the right actress for our hot girl-on-girl sex scene, Joanna was the natural choice. I’m delighted to be working on this project with yet another free-thinking, gutsy woman that I genuinely respect.”

Angel will play a character named Cindy Sinn, who seduces another female character in the stall of a bar bathroom. As the head of her own adult production company (Burning Angel Entertainment),  Angel has directed more than 20 films and appeared in over 60. The Rutgers University graduate, who has called the Suicide Girls “the McDonald’s of alt porn,” most recently appeared in Sean Cain’s indie horror film Breath of Hate.

The F-Team (Fahs and Freeman) released news of Angel joining their cast via their Twitter accounts as well as the film’s website. Fahs can be followed at http://twitter.com/gorify and Freeman can be found at http://twitter.com/pollystaffle.

~Theron Neel

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