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Have You Heard ‘The Legend of the Red Reaper’?

When last seen around these parts, fiery haired actress Tara Cardinal was doing her superhero thang alongside Lou Ferrigno in Liberator. But now she’s going back in time for a whole different brand of heroics in The Legend of the Red Reaper…and guess what — she’s bringing Uwe Boll along for the ride!

Written and directed by Kristen Barron Stewart, Red Reaper is an action-packed tale filled with witches, demons, war and romance — in other words, everything that makes the world of fantasy go round.

Cardinal stars as the titular Reaper, a warrior born of a witch and destined to save mankind from the return of the exiled demon horde. (No, not the Tea Party. That battle has already been fought and won.) Also appearing are David Mackey, Eliza Swenson, Christian Boeving, Shayne Leighton and Troma founder, eminent bon vivant and madman Lloyd Kaufman.

Red Reaper has been Cardinal’s passion project for years. It’s been through numerous rewrites and production stops and starts, but once the polarizing Uwe Boll was brought aboard as executive producer, things began to happen. Say what you want about Boll, he gets things done.

For such a troubled, budget-conscious production, The Legend of the Red Reaper looks pretty epic. The action — much of it staged by martial arts legend and Jackie Chan collaborator Ho-Sung Pak — is quite striking as are the various battle scenes, which are full of marauding warriors captured by impressively swooping cameras.

Check out the freshly minted trailer embedded below. If you’re a fan of heroes and heroines, witches and demons, magic and romance, or even just good ol’ ass-kicking, The Legend of the Red Reaper might be what you’re looking for. Because, c’mon, who doesn’t wanna see a hot redheaded witch kick some ass?

~Theron Neel

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