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We Apologize for This Interruption

You might have noticed a lack of new content recently. If you haven’t, move along. There’s nothing to see here. (Dammit, I just gave it away.) But if you have, don’t worry, because there will be new stuff to read soon.

I recently moved to a new server due to an increases in traffic. (That’s good!) Sadly, when I switched servers, it messed up my ability to post new content — specifically my ability to post images. (That’s bad!) Because this is the Internet, images are a must. There’s nothing worse than reading a big block of text without lurid visuals distract you from the words. Why, even now, you’re probably yawning and muttering, “Where are the pics? What kind of site is this? I’m bored!” Am I right?

It’s unfortunate that this has occurred at Halloween, Slammed & Damned’s period of highest traffic. I’m sure you — yes, you — are here right now due to an Internet search concerning horror movies. Sorry! But rest assured, I have a crack team of analysts on the problem even as I type. They are working night and day to solve this issue. But until then, feel free to avail yourself to my past writings, accessible through the links on the right side of your screen. Also, you can catch up on my thoughts at my other home, Planet Fury. There, you will be able to read articles aplenty by a variety of writers with opinions as valid, and likely more entertaining, than mine.

Check back soon because I have a backlog of stuff to post for your perusal…

~Theron Neel

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