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Fearsomely Awesome: The Trailer for ‘A Fantastic Fear of Everything’

Okay, I’ve found the next flick I absolutely have to see…umm, following all the other flicks I already absolutely have to see. See? Anyway, it’s called A Fantastic Fear of Everything, and the trailer rocks.

A Fantastic Fear of Everything stars pop culture aficionado and icon Simon Pegg as a children’s author who turns his attentions to penning a crime novel. But, as will happen, his research turns him into a pathetic neurotic mess, plagued by an irrational fear of being murdered. Of course, these crazy paranoid fantasies don’t seem so absurd when he’s targeted by a real-life serial killer.

For a movie dealing with an architect of the written word, A Fantastic Fear has quite the musical pedigree. The film was written and directed by Crispian Mills (formerly of hip British band Kula Shaker) and co-directed by Chris Hopewell (hip director of hip music videos for hip bands like Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand) — which makes perfect sense, based on its highly stylized visuals and surreal flights of fancy, which are reminiscent of hip music videos for hip bands like Radiohead and Franz Ferdinand.

So, I’ll be headed to theaters this June to watch Pegg (and co-stars Amara Karan, Paul Freeman and Clare Higgins) do battle with his demons, which apparently include his love life, his laundry, a hedgehog puppet and a psychiatrist in a pirate hat. And based on that sentence, I bet you will too.

~Theron Neel

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