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Killer ‘Machete Kills’ Poster

Since we last spoke, there’ve been no additional developments in the production of Machete Kills, Robert Rodriguez’s forthcoming sequel to Machete. But there is something fresh to report.

A tough new promotional poster for Machete Kills has been slashing its way across the Internet, thanks to the fine folks at Coming Soon. The image was made for use at the European Film Market, which runs for the next week in Berlin. The EFM, part of the prestigious Berlinale film festival, is a marketplace where filmmakers meet with buyers and distributors to (hopefully) create interest about upcoming movies.

True to the grindhouse look Rodriguez has carved out for this franchise, the new Machete Kills poster is a nod to the golden age of exploitation flicks, when all you needed to sell a movie was a cool poster. If the point is to draw attention and drum up excitement, then I think this image should do the job.

~Theron Neel

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