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Update or Teaser?

All right, let’s see. I went in to this website the same way I go through life: with good intentions and little forethought. I’ve been at this a little less than a month now, and I’m still not sure what I’m doing. So bear with me.

One thing is sure—I couldn’t have done this without encouragement and help from my friends. My lovely, patient wife is my partner in both this site and life. She’s working behind the scenes on all the boring, thankless stuff and doing an amazing job. Michelle Tomlinson has been telling me forever that I could really do this and, sheesh, why aren’t I? And Kimberly Amato not only supported my efforts, she completely designed and built the site. I am forever grateful to them all and thankful I have such people as family.

Now, the question remains: What will this site be? Obviously, you will find reviews of horror movies under “Reviews.” You will find interviews with industry people under “Interviews.” The two wildcard categories are “Updates & Teasers” and “Other Awesome Stuff.”

At the moment, “Updates & Teasers” is looking like a blog page, where I just hop on and tell you what’s what about whatever. Like this: “Hi! What’s what about whatever.” In all probability, it will also include any horror-related news I find interesting and any plans I have regarding the site. Stay tuned and you can find out what this category is along with me.

“Other Awesome Stuff” will most likely be a catch-all section. I think I’ll post, well, any other stuff that I find to be awesome—and not necessarily horror-related stuff. It’ll probably be anything I’m hung up on at the moment. There’s already a piece that I wrote about B movies sitting in that section, because I think B movies are awesome.

One thing you probably won’t find on this site is a lot of reviews of major new releases. You can find those at several other sites. I tend to favor the low-budget, cult movies…as you can tell from my review choices. But if something intrigues me, even if it’s mainstream, it’ll probably end up here eventually. So, thanks for stopping by. I hope you like what you see. Next time you come, it might be totally different. Or it might not. But not knowing is part of the fun, right?

~Theron Neel

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