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Yes, I’m still here. I know my posts have been erratic lately, but I have a good excuse. Well, a few actually. First, dude, it’s the holidays. Everyone gets a pass for that, right? Also, work has been taxing. But the main thing that’s kept me from writing here as much as usual is the fact that I’m now also writing at FanGirlTastic, Heidi Martinuzzi’s new and improved version of her previous site, Pretty/Scary.

A few weeks ago, Heidi and her partner in crime, Tristan Sinns, invited me to assume the mantle of assistant editor for FGT. They warned it would be more work. They warned it would be long hours. They warned that I’d have to learn new skills. In fact, they warned so much I doubted they really wanted me for the job. But I fooled them by taking the position, and to their credit, they’ve been very good sports about the whole thing.

So, I’m still trying to find a balance that will allow me to post at least a couple of FGT pieces every day and post here regularly as well. And this balance will be found. But for a bit, you might be seeing some of the pieces I post there here and some of the pieces I post here there (that really does make sense…I think).

In the meantime (I still don’t understand that phrase), head over to FGT, because I’m not the only one there. Besides me, Heidi and Tristan, you’ll also read the work of several other authors far cooler than I, such as the lovely and talented Andre Dumas, and the talented and lovely Stacie Ponder, and the awesomely eye-shadowed Ash Arceneaux, and the mysterious Minerva Li, and a whole host of other writers you must read to believe.

~Theron Neel

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