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The Munsters Are Rising From the Grave

Breaking news from the “Bad Ideas” desk. This just in: Producer Bryan Fuller is planning to resurrect the classic ’60s television series The Munsters and has signed a deal with NBC to deliver a pilot episode, with the logline “Modern Family meets True Blood.” Oy! While I love what Fuller did with Dead Like Me, Pushing Daisies and even Wonderfalls, I really don’t think the world needs another iteration of the Munster clan, especially one filtered through Fuller’s patented whimsy.

Actually, this been tried once before to disastrous results. The Munsters Today ran from 1988 to 1991 for 72 episodes (which was two more than the original series actually), and I totally understand if you’ve erased it from your memory. Lord knows I’ve tried. A film version of the show—à la The Addams Family—had been planned by the Wayans brothers a few years ago, but that thankfully disappeared.

I know everything that’s old is new again, but let’s leave the Munsters alone. The original show was very much of its time. Monsters were everywhere in the mid-1960s. Songs like “Haunted House” and “Monster Mash” were on the radio. The Munsters and The Addams Family were on TV. Creepy, Eerie and Famous Monsters of Filmland were on the shelves and, at the movies, even Frankie and Annette were romping on the beach with Boris Karloff and ghosts in invisible bikinis. With the Twilight series still alive and kicking, we seem to be experiencing a less than stellar monster craze ourselves. But hopefully, the upcoming AMC series The Walking Dead will set things straight. See? We already have zombies coming to our rescue. We don’t need to dig up The Munsters. Herman and family already live forever in syndication heaven. Let them rest in peace. As evidenced by the wonderful clips below, they’ve definitely earned it. Besides, no one will ever be funnier than Fred Gwynne.

~Theron Neel

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