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Compare and Contrast—Back to the metaphorical well with Piranha 3D

In the grand tradition of Wednesday’s “Battle of the Nights of the Demons” and countless other instances of days when I don’t have anything of substance to present (insert here a joke about my posts’ persistent lack of substance), I give you today’s substance-less post.

Today sees the release of Piranha 3D, another in the seemingly endless series of reimagined, remade, reformed, reworked, recreated, rebooted, remodeled, retooled and/or reshaped horror flicks. No, this is not a review of this new version of the 1978 classic. I have yet to see one these new-fangled 3D films and it’s doubtful I’ll start with this one. The original Piranha is one of my favorite “nature runs amok” horror flicks, and for good reason—I mean, just look at the people involved. Produced by Roger Corman, written by John Sayles, directed by Joe Dante and featuring performances by Bradford Dillman, Keenan Wynn, Kevin McCarthy, Heather Menzies, Barbara Steele, Dick Miller, Richard Deacon and Paul Bartel, Piranha remains one of the great B movies. While I think those involved with Piranha 3D have chosen a wonderful film to remake and I wish them well, they will never equal, or even better, the original flick. (Yes, Piranha can be redone, but never outdone.) But why should they? I imagine the producers’ only goal is to turn out a kickass popcorn flick (you know, for kids) for these last weeks of summer, and I bet they’ll do just that. This new flick has a pretty good pedigree as well. My intent is not to judge Piranha 3D. It’s to wring out a halfway coherent (and hopefully entertaining) post for you. So, with no further ado, let us proceed.

Today’s post is another episode of “Compare and Contrast.” Below, you’ll find the trailer for the original Piranha, followed by the trailer for Piranha 3D. And, just for fun (and to add value to your reading/watching experience), I’m throwing in the trailer for the kinda awesome Syfy original movie Mega Piranha, starring Barry Williams and Tiffany—that’s right, Greg Brady and…well…Tiffany! If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend Mega Piranha. I really enjoyed it. Of course, your mileage may vary depending on your tolerance for cheesy, tongue-in-cheek low-budget “entertainment.” (But if you’re still reading, I’m betting your tolerance for such fare is rather high.)

~Theron Neel

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