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McT & A Ride Again…and Again…and Again

Just when you think they can’t achieve any more, they do. It’s now official: Michelle Tomlinson and Kimberly Amato—already among the hardest working actors in town—are working even harder. A recent press release (click below to read) reveals a passel of new projects that promise to keep the thespians busy well into next year. You know what they say. If you want something done right, do it yourself. And that’s exactly what they’ve done. But how, exactly, did they do it?

First, they each formed a production company (Amato’s Little Crown Productions and Tomlinson’s Mighty McT Productions). Then, they joined forces to produce an episode of The Mis-Adventures of McT & A, a webseries that now looks to be a continuing endeavor. A second installment of this comedic venture gets underway soon, with more planned.

After that, they went out and found an independent script to co-produce. Touch, a neo-noir written by Patrick Julian and starring Tomlinson as a private investigator who gets in over her head, is in search of financing and already has a compelling promotional trailer. For most people, that would be plenty. But wait, there’s more.

Next on the slate is two more films—Dreaming Reality, a feature, and Itch, a short—both written by Amato. It’s this last project that I’m most excited about. I got a peek at the screenplay for Itch, and I have to say it’s pretty twisted stuff. I can’t reveal much, but I can divulge that the flick centers on the functionally dysfunctional relationship between two complex women and the men in their life. A brief conversation with Tomlinson produced this cryptic quote: “Even though it’s fictional, it’s an intensely personal script for both [Kimberly and me].” Having read it Itch, that confession has me even more intrigued…and somewhat concerned about these ladies’ mental health.

So, that’s the story so far. It might not be fair to ask, but the only question left for these two dynamos is “what’s next?” (Actually, a better question might be “what’s left?”) According to Amato, the team’s only concern is “to continue to make films we’re proud of and that audiences will enjoy.” While it’s a goal I think these two will attain easily, I hope they allow themselves the occasional break. After all, empire-building is hard work.

~Theron Neel

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