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Doing Time With Rolfe Kanefsky #0

Rolfe KanefskyFilmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky is a survivor. Since making his first feature at 20 years old in 1989, he has worked his way through the labyrinthine mazes of Hollywood, writing and directing 15 of his own films and penning several more for others to lens. Not content with that, he’s recently started producing projects for himself and others.

Not long ago, Rolfe agreed to do an in-depth interview with Slammed & Damned. Though he is known primarily as a horror specialist (The Hazing, Nightmare Man), Rolfe has worked in almost every genre there is. In the course of the interview, we will be covering most everything achieved in this journeyman’s career. We’re still in the process of our chats and, I have to say, Rolfe is being exceptionally candid and expansive in his answers to my questions—more so than I’d expected. In fact, he’s giving me so much good material that I think I’m going to break this chat up in to several pieces, each one covering a separate film. I’ll also be posting reviews of his films as we go.

Tomorrow, I’ll post the first installment of our conversation. In it, we talk about his background and the making of his first movie, There’s Nothing Out There, a low-budget horror comedy that was somewhat ahead of its time. I’m really excited at the chance to pick Rolfe’s brain about his career and filmmaking in general. I hope you check back to read his views on life in the movie biz. This guy has been around the block several times and he’s got lots to say.

~Theron Neel

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