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Forever Halloween

Another year goneWell, another Halloween has come and gone. It’s a bittersweet time at Slammed & Damned. It was our first Halloween and we’d been planning for it since we opened shop last summer. But don’t worry—we have lots of stuff planned. More reviews and interviews and behind-the-scenes peeks at films in production.

Halloween is to horror fiends what New Year’s Eve is to everyone else: a night of crazed celebration followed by a period of reflection and contemplation. We hope you like what we’ve done at Slammed & Damned so far. We’re still finding our way, so if you have any thoughts or ideas, head over to the “What Do I Review?” page and drop us a line. Or leave us a comment on an article. We’d love to get your requests and feedback.

On that note, I bid you leave till the morrow, when we’ll dive back into the horror reviews and whatever else we come up with. And remember, it’s always Halloween here at Slammed & Damned. Are you scared yet?

~Theron Neel

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