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Event Time—‘50s Parody Week

Take me to your leader. I believe her name is Oprah...Making a parody of a ‘50s monster/sci-fi movie is a tricky proposition. It’s been done so often that it’s pretty much a genre in itself—making any such film a genre movie about a genre. Yow! Why would anyone take that on? There can be only one reason: true love.

Yes, these ‘50s monster/sci-fi movies have a very special place in the hearts of many people. But, truthfully, a little goes a long way. The idea of a bad ‘50s sci-fi movie is much more romantic that the reality. Many are the times I’ve sat down to watch It Conquered the World or something similar and realized, 30 minutes in, that I wasn’t going to finish. I’d gotten a taste of what I love and didn’t need to finish the meal, lest I become ill.

This is where the parodies of these movies come in. By gently mocking and teasing the older films, they allow us to see what we love about these crappy old monster movies and to laugh at their (many) faults. So, in the spirit of love and laughter, Slammed & Damned is going to be reviewing a few of these ‘50s parodies this week. Here’s what’s coming: Alien Trespass (2009); Psycho Beach Party (2000); Invasion! (1999); and The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra (2001). Yes, this is Slammed & Damned’s idea of an Event! Call your friends. Alert the local media. There will be laughs. There will be stilted dialogue. There will be cheesy monsters. There will be bad movies—only time will tell whether they are truly bad or ironically bad. Hey, they might be both! How’s that for a bargain? So come back all this week and play along. Until then, here are a few pics to get you in the mood.

Perhaps your sweater is the one they call Oprah?
I hear Supreme Commander Oprah might gift me with a Cadillac

For the last time, we are NOT Oprah!

Why do you insist on telling me Oprah is not your leader? We all know she is.

She's taking me to Oprah!

Commander Oprah, at last we meet. Wait...what?

~Theron Neel

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